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The one thing I would change about the Broncos season is ...

For John Elway to have brought in a more established journeyman quarterback to help bridge the Denver Broncos season.

NFL: New York Jets at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In hindsight, John Elway and the Denver Broncos should have made one change before the 2017 season even began. If there was just one change they could have made that could have made a world of difference in the outcome of this season it would be at the quarterback position.

Most of us could see the glaring flaws in Trevor Siemian’s game to be wary with him as the starter heading into the season. Even more of us could see Paxton Lynch wasn’t likely to make a big enough jump to earn the job heading into this season.

Yet, enter the season with both this team did. Despite a brief blip early on, Siemian’s game quickly began to be exploited again as it did late in 2016 and Lynch, well, he wasn’t ever able to really make it onto the field.

Brock Osweiler - a journeyman quarterback now - was the only quarterback who looked like a functional NFL player out there, but the team never really seemed interested in keeping him as the starter. If they had brought in some other journeyman before training camp, maybe they would have liked that guy more.

Who knows. It’s a lot of woulda, coulda, shoulda, but a functional journeyman guy like a Josh McCown or something, probably would have guided this team into a playoff hunt instead of an eight-game losing streak.

The only certainty now is that Elway is going to go big this offseason to bring in a quarterback and that process is going to be one heck of a fun ride for us fans!