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Chiefs will start rookie Patrick Mahomes against Broncos

It will be a battle for first round picks between the Denver Broncos and Kansas city Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos defense will have to contend with Kansas City Chiefs rookie first round quarterback Patrick Mahomes on Sunday. Head coach Andy Reid made the announcement during his Wednesday press conference.

“Every snap that he gets is a valuable snap for him whenever he has that chance of getting in there,” Reid said. “It’s invaluable and fortunately, we’re in a situation we can do that.”

That will pit him against the Broncos former first-round quarterback in Paxton Lynch who will be making his fifth start in the NFL in Week 17. Much like Mahomes, Lynch entered the league as a boom/bust prospect. Unfortunately, he is trending more towards bust than boom at this point in his NFL career.

With the Chiefs playoff seed locked down, they will be resting most of their star players. Mahomes will not have a whole lot of help around him against the Broncos stout defense. He’ll need to make some plays off schedule to win this game.

Lynch will have the easier path having all of his starters around him facing a defense playing their backups.

Here’s to Chiefs fans getting their first look at what will end up being a monumental first-round bust in Mahomes. Nothing against Mahome, I just want Chiefs fans to be miserable in the coming years.