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Broncos finally ending season of disappointment

This last game against the Chiefs is definitely a finally, but what does the future hold in Denver?

NFL: Denver Broncos at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The season has been over for a long time now. This last game against the Kansas City Chiefs will simply put the bow on top of the poo present that was gifted to Denver Broncos fans by Vance Joseph, John Elway, and the whole organization. There will be a ton of hype behind the Paxton Lynch sighting, but in truth, no one should really care.

Broncos Country will have some time to debate what should happen with the quarterback position in Denver. Is there a young QB that should be taken in the draft? Does Paxton Lynch deserve a full season of starting? Kirk Cousins? Another stop gap veteran? Who knows? Who cares?

That is what this season has bred in many fans. It is getting very difficult, after two seasons of mediocrity and worse, to get excited about the decisions coming in the future. I wear my orange and blue with pride, but coming into the new year, I am struggling to find joy in it. Elway and his cohorts have a lot of work to do before I can count myself confident about the direction of the team.

Let’s face it, since the Super Bowl, nothing the Denver Broncos have done should make anyone feel like things are getting better. From the coaching carousel to the faith in Trevor Siemian, to the mishandling of Lynch, to the drop off of the defense. What can Broncos fans point to that instills confidence?

This could be the most important offseason in recent history. The AFC West has seen a power shift. However, the Chiefs, Raiders, and Chargers aren’t exactly world beaters, so the climb back to top should not be difficult. The Chiefs are going to revel in their mediocre AFC West win. Let them. It is all they have.

For the Broncos it will only change if John Elway can fix this quarterback issue. That is where everything begins. Can Vance Joseph be the guy to turn around the rest of it? I’m not on board with that notion, but if Elway isn’t ready to admit his mistakes we are in for another year of Joseph’s inexplicable decisions.

I have one suggestion. John Elway must hire more front office personnel to help with talent evaluation. Running a team is difficult, but with the right people in place, things can turn around quickly. It isn’t relinquishing control. It is acknowledging that the more help you have, the better the team can be.

Elway has proven he can put together a Super Bowl championship caliber team. Now, maybe he needs to prove he can put together a Super Bowl championship caliber front office. Just a thought.