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Report: Elway looking to add Gary Kubiak to the Broncos Front Office

Looks like Elway is adding an old friend to his inner circle.

NFL: Super Bowl 50-Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

According to multiple reports, the Broncos and General Manager/President of Football Operations John Elway are working towards adding former Head Coach Gary Kubiak as a Front Office Executive with the team.

Kubiak who retired from coaching not even a full year ago with the Broncos rejoined the team as a scout this past summer. Now the Broncos and Elway are working towards increasing his role with the team as a prominent decision making role.

It sounds like, if hired, Kubiak would join GM John Elway and Player Development Director Matt Russell as the Broncos top talent evaluators moving forward. It would add a trusted friend and a respected former coach/talent evaluator to the Broncos inner circle. As well as someone who Elway respects and will listen too.

This move started to become obvious when Kubiak joined Elway and Russell to the Cotton Bowl on Friday Night. The Broncos trio went to scout USC quarterback Sam Darnold as he took on the tough Ohio State defense. I’d expect to see Kubiak also join Elway and Russell to the Rose Bowl on Monday to scout quarterback Baker Mayfield.

The Broncos are obviously searching for a starting quarterback option this offseason and it appears that Kubiak will be a key decider in who they get and how they acquire that player.

I am sure we will get more on this if/when it becomes official, but as of now, what do you think Broncos Country? Do you like this move, or are you unsure about this potential move?