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Report: Odds are not good for Vance Joseph being retained as the Broncos Head Coach

It’s not looking good for Joseph.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the odds of Vance Joseph being retained as the Broncos Head Coach are growing increasingly longer.

It was already reported earlier today by 9NEWS’s Mike Klis that as many as five assistant coaches would be fired after this season and possibly more if Joseph is fired. Well now, it’s looking like Joseph may be on his way out as well, so we could see another revamping of the Broncos coaching staff once again.

It was reported earlier in the weekend that Joseph was in “good standing” with the Broncos, but apparently, things have changed.

Denver Broncos: General manager John Elway hired a young coach with room to grow, and their first season together hasn't all been smooth sailing. There has been no definitive call from high up to move on from first-year coach Vance Joseph, but Elway is always a wild card. Joseph does seem to be in good standing for a second season, sources say, but until there is a final word, no one is assuming anything. Elway understands that, with an aging roster and no answer at quarterback, the Broncos' struggles were not all at the feet of Joseph. Having the team rebound for two straight wins late helped his cause. There should be some changes on the coaching staff, however, with special teams coach Brock Olivo being one of those at risk.

Now Joseph who currently has the Broncos at a 5-10 record will be coaching for his job today. I know many of you will say one game shouldn’t decide it, but it will likely come down to this. If Vance can get the team to play a good game of football and get a win over the rival Chiefs, he may beat the odds and stick around for one more year. A bad loss or a loss in general against Patrick Mahomes could do it.

Watch to see how the Broncos defense and offense plays for Joseph. Will they mail it in like they have a few times this season? Or will they show fight like they did last year for Gary Kubiak in the final game of the 2016 season?

In the end, the decision may have already been made. Elway already stated no changes would be made until seasons end, so Vance could be out no matter the outcome.

Going out kicking and screaming appears to be the only way for Vance Joseph to be retained as the Broncos Head Coach in 2018. That is something we haven’t seen much of during his short tenure here so it looks bleak for him.

We will likely have a better idea of this situation later this afternoon.


On ESPN’s pre-game show, Adam Schefter said that Joseph is “likely out” as the Broncos Head Coach. He is well connected in Denver so the end may be near for Joseph.