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Broncos-Jets preview: The march to history continues for Denver (not the good kind)

Stranger things have happened than a Broncos win, but is there any shot it happens against New York?

NFL: Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Vance Joseph and the Denver Broncos are three games from unprecedented history.

As it stands now, Denver has an eight-game losing streak. The worst in franchise history is 11 games, and that happened between the 1963-64 seasons. Joseph and the 2017 Broncos can still leave their mark on the Broncos’ record book.

The Broncos (3-9) get the chance to keep history alive on Sunday against the New York Jets at Mile High Stadium. Based on what we all had to endure and see against the Miami Dolphins last Sunday, there’s no zero chance Denver beats the Jets (5-7).

Still, there’s a reason the “any given Sunday” cliche still has legs. So while there’s zero chance, stranger things have happened than a Broncos win, but there’s no shot it happens against New York.

Offensive Rankings

New York Jets: Seventeenth in overall offense (329 yards), 18th in rushing (106.8), 18th in passing (222.2) and tied for 18th in points (22.2).

Denver: Twenty-third in overall offense (315.3 yards), 17th in rushing (107.3), 19th in passing (208) and 27th in points (17.2).

Defense Rankings

New York Jets: Twenty-third in overall defense (353.5 yards), 24th in rushing (119.7), 20th in passing (233.8) and tied for 21st in points (24.0).

Denver: Fifth in overall defense (295.6 yards), fifth in rushing (92), fourth in passing (203.6) and 31st in points (26.3).

Here are our keys to the game.

Run the Wildcat on offense

This would actually take balls and innovation on the part of Denver’s coaching staff, which it has neither of, but it would give the team “the best chance to win.” Since Joseph insists on making excuses and standing by Trevor Siemian, the Broncos have done what most have since the New York Giants loss: #EmbraceTheTank.

As Adam Malnati and I said on the MHR Radio Podcast, that’s the only reason Joseph made this decision. There’s no way he could watch the replay of that game and still think Siemian is better than Brock Osweiler. If he does ...

For Denver’s offense to make a positive impact on Sunday it has to keep Siemian on the sideline and just run the Wildcat the whole game. If you need to pass, leave it in the hands of Jordan Taylor, who can’t do any worse than Siemian. - Ian St. Clair

Don’t change a thing

Lose to the Jets and root for the Giants and San Francisco 49ers (who both sit above the Broncos in draft selection but could pass leap both if they win). #EmbraceTheTank - Scotty Payne

Play hard

Really it just comes down to playing hard. Play like your jobs depend on it, because after a season like this it really does matter come March and the new league year. What I’ll be looking for in this game is to see who is playing with heart and desire? Those are the guys I want on this team in 2018. C.J. Anderson played that way last Sunday, but the play calls suddenly went away from his legs and into Siemian’s arm and the game was lost. Anderson is also a guy many expect to be gone in 2018. More than anything, I’d like one more win before the season is over. Just one, please. - Tim Lynch

Don’t play like you practice

We hear all the time from Joseph that Denver has great practices. He is always looking at the tape to see what happened, but the Broncos had a great practice. The general theory is that you play like you practice. If that is the truth, Denver should consider not doing that anymore. If we are to believe Joseph, and all the practices are so great, switch it up and not play like you practice. Nothing else is working, so it couldn’t hurt. - Adam Malnati

The countdown is on

I’m going to take out a piece of paper and draw 16 tiny squares on it. As each quarter ends, I’m going to check off a square. Forget rooting for Denver, I’m rooting for the merciful end of the worst Broncos season in my lifetime. - Jess Place

Drinking games

Settle in and enjoy your drink of choice every time one of the following occurs:

  • Siemian turns the ball over.
  • Siemian takes an unnecessary sack after holding the ball too long.
  • Holding call on the offensive line.
  • The Jets start a drive in Denver territory.
  • The Broncos special teams unit allows a long return or coughs the ball up.
  • Hardcore Mode: Every time Denver goes three-and-out (for those who don't want to remember the second half if they even get there).

Apparently, there was a drinking game for Siemian already out there from October. This one might kill you, though.

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What are your keys to victory for the Broncos?