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Broncos disaster season will soon end

This is arguably the worst season in franchise history, but the end is near, and better days are on the horizon.

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

I know that no one wants to hear a bunch of Pollyanna positivity about the Denver Broncos. Everyone wanted Vance Joseph fired before the plane left Miami. Instead, John Elway seems to have determined that he will be the coach the remainder of the season. This may not be ideal, but it is not the end of the world. Get ready for a burst of positivity Broncos Country.

As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the MHR Radio podcast, the Broncos are a laughingstock in the NFL right now. They rank with the Cleveland Browns. This hurts, but the world keeps spinning. And here’s the thing, this too shall pass.

Right now, you are stuck in the storm, wind whipping through, rain pouring, and no sign of the sun anywhere. It is at this point that you might feel helpless, and like you will never see a beautiful Denver sunrise again. The truth is, this franchise will bounce back.

Pat Bowlen instilled a standard with this team that cannot simply be erased. While John Elway’s decision to stick with Vance Jospeh may anger some, it really makes no difference. He will be gone at the end of the season, and Denver is a franchise that can recover from these tough times.

Remember, Elway and Joe Ellis have put together a team that won five division titles in a row, two Lamar Hunt trophies, and one Super Bowl championship. This season will be looked at as a hiccup in the annuls of history when all is said and done. With the talent that remains, there is no doubt that Denver can bounce back.

Go ahead and wash your hands of this season. It is alright to take on the mantra, “Embrace the Tank.” The rebuilding process has begun. But remember, the Broncos defense still has unbelievable talent. While they have struggled this season, there is no doubt they will bounce back in 2018.

The offense could find success soon, too. Elway may be standing firm for now with Joseph at head coach, but changes are coming. There will be new faces at quarterback in 2018. No more Trevor Siemian starting games. Elway will build the offensive line, and focus on protecting the quarterback (whoever is brought in to replace Siemian, Brock Osweiler, and Paxton Lynch).

Von Miller will still be wrecking offensive lines in 2018. Chris Harris, Jr. will still be locking down opposing receivers. Justin Simmons has shown great promise, and Domata Peko will be back to make the defensive line stout again.

Breath a little. The Broncos will recover from the atrocious 2017 season. There will be wins in 2018. They will be glorious. Remember the night is darkest before the dawn, and when the sun rises, it burns Broncos orange and blue.

This message was brought to you by the Committee for Positivity in Broncos Country.

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