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With Trevor Siemian the Broncos are home underdogs to lowly Jets

The Denver Broncos opened slight favorites, but after Vance Joseph named Trevor Siemian the starter the line shifted towards the New York Jets.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Starting quarterbacks matter and no one believes Trevor Siemian can help the Denver Broncos win games. Even at home against a team like the New York Jets. After opening with a slight edge, the line shifted to 1.5-points in favor of the Jets soon after head coach Vance Joseph named Siemian the starter for this week.

The Jets should easily win this game as their front-seven is one of the strong parts to their defense and no quarterback is worse under pressure than Siemian.

And if you can’t generate pressure naturally, just start blitzing because Siemian is also the worst quarterback in the NFL when teams bring the heat in blitz packages.

Despite all of this, I have personally not given up hope. The Broncos are still playing at home and have a defense that can shut a quarterback like Josh McCown down. If Siemian can somehow dial up some of those lucky deep posts that gain him some notoriety among fans in 2016 and against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2, the Broncos could come out with a surprising and rare win this weekend.

What do you think. Can Siemian and the Broncos stun the Jets on their way to their fourth win of the season?