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Broncos’ players trying to avoid the ‘here we go again’ mindset

It’s a dangerous mindset that has been setting in after mistakes, but the players are really trying to avoid it.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

As Denver Broncos fans, plenty of us have said or thought ‘here we go again’ during games over the last two months. It’s been as predictable as the morning sunrise: a holding penalty in the red zone, an interception, a muffed punt, etc. Mistakes lead to more mistakes and games are lost.

C.J. Anderson admitted on Wednesday that the players too are trying to keep from thinking that in the moment. A short-term memory is vital to be able to move on from a mistake and limit future mistakes.

“I think one is a mindset not to tell ourselves, ‘Here we go again.’ Here is another tipped interception. Here is another muffed punt. Here is another defensive touchdown,” Anderson said. “I guess that is the mindset, move on and go to the next play. Everyone continue to do their job consistently at a high level.”

So far that hasn’t happened.

A lot of those ‘here we go again’ moments have been produced by the quarterback position. Trevor Siemian has led the way with 13 interceptions and five fumbles in eight games. Add that to just two fewer sacks on the year than he had in all of 2016, with a good chunk of those coming from him backpeddling right into the pressure.

Siemian is owning up to his role in this teams failures and sees a chance to redeem his play in these next few games.

“I’m good,” Siemian said on the number of hits he has taken this year. “It happens. If you look around the league, you see quarterbacks take their licks. I feel like I’ve taken my fair share, no doubt. It’s all on me. I’ve been reckless with the ball at times. I’ve made some bad throws. I can own up to that. I have to improve. Hopefully, I do.”

This is the second time the Broncos have been 3-9 and in the middle of a disastrous season since 2010. The feel of this team is much different than one in 2010. The chaos isn’t there. The frustration is for sure, but the players haven’t rebelled. They are in this together and are trying to fight for a win together.

To me, that’s a testament to Vance Joseph. He may not keep his job next year, but he has done everything he can to keep this team together and battling. For a first year coach to do that with the amount of pride the players on this team had having just won a Super Bowl two seasons ago is quite impressive.

Even so, that may not matter come January. For now, he’s living in the moment and trying to get the players to a win column this week.

“You have to win, not just compete,” Joseph said on the mindset for the rest of this season. “We want to win these football games and everyone’s engaged today to win a football game, not to just compete. It’s the NFL. You have on result on Sunday, and that’s to win or lose. That’s our goal Sunday, to win.”

Many fans have fully embraced the tank, but Joseph’s job is to win some games here and possibly save his job. As a fan, I hope he’s successful in that goal.