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The Broncos are unrecognizable this season

The Afternoon Drive is starting to feel like covering the Broncos is just like covering the Browns.

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

When Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro started their discussion about the Denver Broncos, the most astonishing aspect was that they felt like they were in Cleveland.

This Broncos team is so bad that comparisons to perennial bottom feeders seem legitimate.

With the New York Jets coming to Denver, Goodman and Shapiro made the observation that they hadn’t even talked about the upcoming game, and it was Thursday. That is an indication of just how bad things have become.

Have the Denver Broncos forgotten how to win? Perhaps they have forgotten how to play the game. The mistakes that keep happening are simply dumb football mistakes. The team has become unrecognizable. And that brings it back to the idea that the team has become the Cleveland Browns West.

So, pick your favorite drinking game, and strap in. The Broncos won’t be turning things around anytime soon. You may as well do what you can to enjoy the rest of the season.

Bonus Listen:

Have a listen to hour one of the Afternoon Drive. Eric and Les interview Justin Simmons, who has been a bright spot on defense this season.