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Dear Broncos Country - it will get better

A letter from a fellow fan.

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

*editor’s note: This is not my letter, but I approve of its message and promised the author I’d help post...because I’m always about the positive vibes.

Dear Broncos Country -

Let me introduce myself as a lifelong Broncos fan since 1978.

I was six years old. My family moved from the NorCal area to Cheyenne, Wyo., and the first time I saw that orange and blue uniform and the horse coming out of the capital D, my heart was forever with the Broncos.

I could go on about my fandom for this team, but this is not what this letter is all about. I have lurked on MHR for years and enjoy the content and comments of all who are on here. I know this year has been painful to watch, and to me it’s come down to comedy every week.

This past Sunday against Miami I couldn’t even get upset anymore. I mean, two safeties and a pick-six, ... plus a delay of game on a kickoff??? It’s downright funny now.

I would like to say that although major changes need to happen, I think a lot of us forget just how lucky we are. You see, I live now in an area where the fanbase has not experienced a Super Bowl victory since early 1990s. I live in the Washington, D.C.,-metro area, and Redskins fans have given up. I was thinking the other day that it’s been two years since our Broncos won a Super Bowl…TWO!!!!!

A lot of fan bases can’t even say that, except New England, and maybe you could throw in Seattle. Pittsburgh hasn’t won in a while, Dallas hasn’t won in forever, Green Bay, Washington....hell, it’s been awhile for the New York Giants. Do I need to go into the teams that are in our division???

So, let’s appreciate what the Broncos have done, and what they have even done recently.

We have been division winners five times in the last seven years, earned two AFC Championships, made two Super Bowl appearances and had one very satisfying Super Bowl victory.

That’s a lot of accomplishment that a lot of teams wish they had. Are times tough right now? Yes. It sucks and hopefully we’ll be back and competitive soon. I’m not going into what the organization needs to do; we all have different opinions on what needs to happen.

I’m just here to say, let’s be thankful that we haven’t been suffering for over 20-30 years. Living in this area and hearing Redskins fans, it makes me proud that we as Broncos fans can at least say we have a Super Bowl trophy recently and have been a top team in the league for years.

Be thankful and be proud. I know most of you are, but keep your heads up things will get better.

Cheers - and let’s hope for my sake, the Broncos can at least beat the ‘Skins on XMAS Eve!! LOL

Forever a fan,

Darryl Baker


How long do you think it’ll be before this team is back atop the AFC West and a playoff contender?

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    Hey, who’s ruling out this season? ;)
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