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Broncos can learn a few things from the Super Bowl teams

Obviously, right? But there are a few specific things the Broncos’ new staff should be taking away from the Falcons’ (and Patriots) playbooks.

Atlanta Falcons v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

What can Broncos learn from the two teams in this year’s Super Bowl?

Besides, score more points than the other guys, right? Well, and besides having an MVP/future Hall-of-Fame quarterback, of course.

That was the question Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro discussed on The Afternoon Drive, and despite the obvious answer, the conversation is an interesting one for us.

Although Goodman included getting better against the run by having “a big guy in the middle,” the suggested improvements focused exclusively on the offense.

Because, you know, 10-3-10 points in three of the Broncos’ final four games.

“What Falcons and Patriots do really well is work well over the middle with running backs, tight ends and slot receivers,” Goodman said.

Shapiro built off that with the suggestion that the Broncos needed to be a lot more creative with the use of their running backs.

“Broncos threw to their running backs half as often as the Falcons. And the Falcons may have better running backs, but you still have to show it once in a while,” Shapiro said. “Broncos never changed things up. They were so non-creative.”

But ultimately, the Falcons added a talented veteran to their offensive line when they brought in Alex Mack at center last year and that made a big difference in the offense improving and Matty Ice having an MVP season.

“Alex Mack was so essential,” Shapiro said. “Mack brought together what was not a very good offensive line in Altanta.”

Although the Broncos have a gem in center Matt Paradis, the move to get a veteran star is a good lesson, in my opinion, for John Elway as the Broncos head into free agency.

What say you, Broncos Country?