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Video: Poking fun at the first Denver Broncos coordinator presser

Warning: This video contains foul language.

Brandon Perna of That's Good Broncos pokes fun at Vance Joseph's butchering of two his of coaches last names and his overuse of how coveted his hires were by four or five other teams. Which was kind of hilarious. Joseph will get better in front of that podium, so enjoy these gaffs for now.

Perna noted how well Mike McCoy did in his opening interview and how Jeff Davidson will help improve the Denver Broncos offensive line. It will be all about that offensive line.

Joe Woods said he wasn't going to tweak the defense much from what Wade Phillips did, which is smart because the Broncos defense is about as elite as they come in this league.

Then were was Brock Olivo who appears to be an odd cat, but an odd cat coaching special teams seems to make sense when you think about it.

Overall, the Broncos coaching staff seems fairly strong for the amount of changes they went through.