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Horse Tracks: Mile High Report readers to select Broncos Country's most beloved media personality

Who is your favorite broadcaster, analyst, or personality?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2016 NFL season officially over, the offseason trudge is now underway. How to fill the time? Why not have a March Madness bracket-style competition to determine the one media personality that's most beloved in Broncos Country?

I have broken the Broncos media universe into four distinct 'regions: ' Former NFL players, local Denver media, national media, and former Broncos players in media & game broadcasters (there aren't enough former players in media for a pure region and so they've been grouped). Each region will ultimately produce the most beloved for their particular area before heading into a final four showdown and ultimate championship.

I've already got a preliminary list of who I think should comprise each region, but the purpose of this post is for you to mention your favorites to make sure they're included. Also important, your participation in this post will also affect seeding.

Next Monday, we announce the seeded bracket and begin the process of whittling it down to a single winner. Should be fun!

Who do you want to win?


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