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Eric Studesville set to work with fourth head coach since coming to the Denver Broncos

This time, however, Eric Studesville enters the season with a new role on the Denver Broncos.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Midway through the 2010 season, the Denver Broncos were a complete dumpster fire. With a home loss of 59-14 and a road loss of 35-14 to division rivals, the wheels came off the Josh McDaniels reign. Mercifully, he was fired with four games left in the season.

In stepped Eric Studesville. He proved to be a stabilizing force, making the team more competitive despite starting rookie Tim Tebow in the final three games.

That was the first sign that the Broncos had a pretty damn good coach in Studesville. John Fox recognized that and kept him on staff through all four years of his coaching stint, then Gary Kubiak did as well.

And now, Vance Joseph. Joseph took the additional step of elevating Studesville to assistant head coach, knowing that experience and knowledge will prove invaluable for a first time head coach. had a nice interview of Studesville last week talking about his new role on the team.

"The biggest thing is just to be a support mechanism for [Head Coach] Vance [Joseph]," Studesville said. "Obviously, I've been here longer [than many coaches] … so I know some of the players, I know the building. That just helps navigate some of those things, as well as to be a sounding board. I certainly respect Vance and what he's bringing, and the plan and vision he has for this, but sometimes you just need other ideas, too, and somebody that's there that you know that has full support of you and where this program's going."

When Joseph began working on putting together his staff, he found Studesville to not just be an essential position coach to retain, but one who should have more responsibilities than just teaching his group of running backs.

As a fan, Studesville’s efforts in late 2010 when all hope was lost earned a ton of respect from me. His longevity through multiple coaching regimes shows I’m not the only one who admires and respects his work.

"We're all a culmination of our experiences, and Vance has put together an incredibly experienced staff," Studesville said. "So, all of us are going to be needed to draw upon our experiences at some point in time this year, and that's what we're all here for, to support his direction and vision for the Broncos to go."

The Joseph hire worried many Broncos fans, but if the man runs the team as well as he has put together his coaching staff then we are in for a real treat. I certainly feel comforted knowing Studesville will have his ear as he learns the ropes.