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Should the Broncos give Ryan Clady a look?

Former Broncos Left Tackle Ryan Clady became available today.

NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The news broke today that the Jets would not be picking up Ryan Clady’s contract option, and he is now a free agent.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from the Afternoon Drive asked the question on their show (around the 8:00 mark): should the Broncos give Ryan Clady a look.

Both Eric and Les agreed that they likely wouldn’t touch him, but it does make an interesting question. If nothing else, it might possibly provide some leverage for Denver in their negotiations with Russell Okung.

Okung’s price tag at $11.7m next year is top tier money for a player who, while playing decent, was not a top-10 left tackle. I wouldn’t be surprised if Denver at least asked Okung to come down from that number. However, with a dearth of viable left tackle prospects both in free agency in the draft, the leverage is all in Okung’s favor.

Now with the release of Clady, that adds another name into the mix that might make things interesting and potentially give some leverage to Denver that they didn’t have before yesterday.

What do you think Broncos Country? Would you kick the tires on bringing Clady back?