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Horse Tracks: Could The Denver Broncos lose its new assistant OL Coach?

The Denver Broncos have granted permission for Assistant Offensive Line Coach, John Benton, to interview with the San Francisco 49ers.

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Maybe remembering when the Cincinnati Bengals refused to grant him an interview with the Denver Broncos back in 2015, Vance Joseph isn't standing in the way of John Benton.

The San Francisco 49er's have requested an interview with the new Broncos offensive line assistant and Denver has granted it.

From 2006-2009, Benton was the Offensive Line Coach and worked with Kyle Shanahan in Houston. During that time, the Texans  were top ten in sacks not allowed.

One could guess that instead of being an assistant line coach, he will be offered the lead. Indications are that he will take the job, a role he's held before in Houston and at Colorado State University.

I hope John Lynch is done poaching our personnel because we need all the time we can get.

The next obvious question is, who replaces him? He had experience working with the zone block scheme and according to both Vance Joseph and Mike McCoy, we will be looking at an offensive line that uses a zone block and power run scheme. Davidson is the power guy.

Will he look for another ZBS assistant or will signings during Free Agency negate that? LT Russell Okung has the ability to play power. If we were to bring in power players for Left Guard and Right Tackle, Davidson may not need a ZBS assistant.

"It’s going to be about us," McCoy said. "What do our players do best?"

Who we tap next, may give a clearer answer to how much zone we actually use. It would also give an indication of what type of running back and tight end we draft. That result may to lead to big questions about who is kept on our offensive line. We have several guards, none of which has proven to be the complete package.

Davidson did say that the line would be judged on length, athleticism and blocking. Like judging elephants on parade, as he quipped. If we bring in two new players, such as Ricky Wagner and/or Kevin Zeitler, who's remaining to fill in at RG and as back-ups, may leave an elephant without a chair.

Since John Elway loves coaches with ties to the state of Colorado and its colleges, don't be surprised if a familiar name pops up. Or, who knows, with both Mark Schlereth and Tyler Polumbus in town, maybe an ex-player is tapped. Whomever it is, I dare say he will have worked with Joseph or McCoy.

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I don't add links to stories about NFL players doing bad things because so many don't, but these stories in a row need to be a cautionary tale for any player, young or old. This is ridiculous. Why fans always dread the off season. We open the news and pray, please, please don't be one of our guys.

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Have a great week everyone and don't be like the guys above.