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Denver Broncos add a new Assistant Defensive Coach who has ties to Aqib Talib

The Denver Broncos added a defensive quality control coach today. Charles Gordon spent time with Joe Woods in Minnesota.

Minnesota Vikings 2009 Headshots

A new name was added to the Denver Broncos coaching staff, Charles Gordon. He will be the defensive quality coach. Back in 2005 when Aqib Talib was a red shirt freshman at Kansas, he teamed up with Gordon.

That season, Aqib had 40 tackles and 2 INT and Gordon had 34 receptions and 2 TD’s.

Gordon not only was a Cornerback for the Jayhawks, but was a one time Wide Receiver who also returned kicks and punts. He left after his junior year where he was subsequently signed by the Minnesota Vikings as an undrafted free agent.

During the 2008 season, while returning a punt, he suffered a career ending injury when he fractured his fibula and dislocated his ankle against the Green Bay Packers.

This lead him to coach his at alma mater, Santa Monica High School. It wasn't long before his old Jayhawks position coach, Ernest Collins, beckoned him to the University of Northern Colorado as a Defensive Backs coach.

"Vance and I came up in the business together, we coached together and I've talked to VJ about him [Coach Gordon] and this is going to be a good situation for him."

Joe Woods was with the Vikings during the time Gordon was there. Between Woods and Collins, he comes with some heavy recommendations.

“I understand what players are going through and I understand at times being out on the field, you can see things differently than your coach on the sidelines,” Gordon said.

Quality Control Coaches are the guys who watch hundreds of hours of film, draw up game plays, run the scout team, and brief their coordinator and head coach on opposing teams. It's how Jon Gruden got his start. It's a trusted position and an unsung one.

Gordon didn't see coaching as his career path, but that changed when he was put on the injured reserves and began mentoring his younger teammates in Minnesota.

"It wasn't until I got hurt, really,” Gordon said. “I became more of a player coach and helping out the younger guys in my position in Minnesota."

From Aqib to Collins to Woods to NCU and Joseph, sounds like our new coach is a perfect fit. Welcome aboard.