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Could Tony Romo help kick start the Denver Broncos offense?

I’m all about winning Super Bowls. Tony Romo, if he can stay healthy, makes the Denver Broncos legit contenders in 2017.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive asked former NFL player Mike Pritchard whether or not Tony Romo would make the Denver Broncos a better team in 2017.

I think in 2016, the desire a team needs to compete for championships was clearly lacking. The challenges were tougher and the offense was worse, so its human nature to lack the desire to keep grinding down the stretch. In my view, that was due to the loss of Peyton Manning and an anemic offense with no hope of coming up big when needed.

Bringing in a guy like Tony Romo might help bridge the gap between the Manning era and the Paxton Lynch (and/or Trevor Siemian) era. It makes sense.

Pritchard hated the idea, noting that Romo would literally get broken in half playing in the AFC West. He’s probably right, but if he were to somehow stay healthy the Broncos could actually contend for another championship rather than muddle through a second consecutive year of young, inexperienced leadership-less quarterback play.

I’m all for John Elway targeting Romo for the right price.