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Mile High Report Media Madness Bracket - Round 2 Results

You cast you votes and they've been tallied. Here's how the voting went down in round 2.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It all started with 64 teams a week ago. Following yesterdays action, we now have our sweet 16. In round 2, a total 2,544 people locked in their votes. Titans fell and Cinderella didn't disappoint. Here are the official results.

Former Broncos & Game Broadcasters

Well, we can officially call this the 'Former Broncos' region now. Jim Nantz, the sole surviving game broadcaster went down hard to the radio voice of the Denver Broncos, Dave Logan. Mark Schlereth was creamed by Ed McCaffrey, setting up an epic KOA battle between McCaffrey and Logan next week. Brandon Stokley made easy work of his 104.3 The Fan cohort, Alfred Williams. Since his selection for hall of fame induction, Terrell Davis has been unstoppable, routing Shannon Sharpe.


Tony Dungy embarrassed Nate Burleson in a show of out-of-character dominance unseen since Dungy's coaching days. Tony Gonzalez's history as a Chief caught up with him against Steve Young. Kurt Warner's popularity out-shined Mike Mayock; which is impressive considering it's draft season. Deion Sanders once again proved he can shut down just about anybody, including Randy Moss.


Woody Paige flexed his muscle and trounced Troy Renck. Vic Lombardi... What Vic did to Les Shapiro was downright nasty. These guys used to work together. Remember, Les beat 104.3 The Fan's DMac by 400 votes last week. The Broncos Andrew Mason stomped Mark Kiszla. However, the story of the the MHR Media Madness Bracket continues to be about Brandon Perna. Perna is showing that he wants this. How do I know? He posted this video to his YouTube channel saying so [NSFW].

Now, don't take my posting this as an endorsement of any candidate. Mile High Report promises to give equal time to any of our contenders that make a video. So, I say bring it! Make a video and we promise to promote the heck out of it. It may be your only defense against the Perna onslaught. Cinderella wants it. Bad.


Rich Eisen easily beat his NFL Network cohort Andrew Siciliano. Ian Rapoport bested former local reporter Lindsay Jones. Peter King was upended by Trey WIngo. Adam Schefter easily handled Steve Mariucci, but let's be honest... that matchup probably wasn't all that fair. Tough draw, Mooch!

So there you have it, folks. Round 2 is officially in the books. Here's how it looks going into the sweet 16.