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Report: Broncos seem to be in driver's seat for quarterback Tony Romo

Are the Broncos on the verge of signing Tony Romo?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, the Denver Broncos "are clearly in the driver's seat" for veteran quarterback Tony Romo if/when he is released by the Dallas Cowboys.

Now Rapoport does state that Romo would have to be willing to take a pay cut to join the Broncos. Elway made the same stipulation to Colin Kaepernick last offseason before that trade fell through. The big question here is how high is John Elway willing to go, and how low is Tony Romo willing to go?

There should be some competition for Romo's services, but the Chiefs have committed to Alex Smith and the Houston Texans just paid Brock Osweiler a bunch of money. This is why Rapoport is saying it's the Broncos followed by everyone else in the Tony Romo sweepstakes.

If true, it sounds like Elway is looking to strike gold once again on the free agent market like he did with Peyton Manning a few year's back. Romo has had a great career but isn't in the same conversation as Manning and arguably is more injury prone than Manning was when he hit free agency.

Romo is 37 year's old and has suffered two broken collarbones and a broken back the past two seasons. This has limited him to just four games over that span. The emergence of rookie quarterback Dak Prescott has made Romo expendable and will likely be released once Free Agency begins.

So if the Broncos are truly interested in Romo and do sign him, how does that affect Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch? It would signal that they want Lynch to sit another year and basically put him on the Brock Osweiler plan. However, with Romo's injury history, I don't think Lynch would have to sit long like Osweiler did. The real interesting thing here is, what do they do with Trevor Siemian? Would the Broncos make their former first-round pick a third-string quarterback and a game day inactive and have Siemian be the backup? Seems unlikely and not a great way to develop your potential future at quarterback. Would they make their 2016 starter a third-stringer the very next year? That seems highly unlikely as well. So that would be a very interesting situation to watch if this does indeed happen.

So this is an interesting story to watch in the coming days and weeks. With the entire NFL world in Indianapolis this week for the NFL Scouting Combine I am sure we will get more rumors and reports about Tony Romo and the Denver Broncos.