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Gary Kubiak is ready to get back into football

It wasn’t very long ago that Broncos Country was saying goodbye to Gary Kubiak. Now it might be time to say hello again?

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of the Afternoon Drive discussed some of the interviews that Gary Kubiak has given in the last few days. It seems as if he may be ready to get back into football. I suppose all that time away can really help to build up the competitive juices that dissipate as time goes on.

Les shed some light on something that many fans have speculated about. Kubiak does not want to be a head coach. He is not comfortable in that role, and so his retirement from football may be short lived. He has proven to be a great coordinator, and he still loves the game, but being in charge of an entire franchise is more than he seems to be interested in.

When John Elway went to Kubiak about the Denver Broncos head coaching vacancy, Kubiak had already said he was not going to take a head coaching job. The opportunity to rejoin the Broncos and team up with Elway for another run was irresistible. But when circumstances change, the desire can be fleeting with a coach like Kubiak.

Don’t be surprised if you see Kubiak around football in some way in the near future. He loves the game. Just don’t expect him to be the man who takes the reins of a franchise again. It just isn’t what he wants.