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Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos undefeated in 2017 season

Say what you want about the Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos are undefeated in the 2017 season.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

How about that Super Bowl? Is it better to blow a lead or be blown out? Is it better to make the big game and embarrass yourself or miss it altogether? These are questions that the Atlanta Falcons and their fans are going to grapple with whenever they think about their historic Super Bowl loss on Sunday.

One thing is clear, Patriots fans are never going to be quiet over this one... and for good reason. They earned it. Congrats.

2016 is in the books, folks. The best thing about that news?

The Broncos are undefeated... and Terrell Davis is going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


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