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New coordinators bring energy, promise to do what players do best

The Afternoon Drive talks rock star coaching staff after coordinators speak to media today.

San Diego Chargers v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Just two more months until Broncos football, but today we got a taste of our new coaching staff - and it was fabulous.

MHR will have full reports on each coach’s presser that happened earlier today, but The Afternoon Drive talked about a few nuggets that will definitely whet your appetite.

Mike McCoy was up first after the introductions from new head coach Vance Joseph, and it was immediately clear McCoy is comfortable being back in the OC position for the Broncos.

In fact, he hinted at how much he missed calling plays while head coach in San Diego, saying he has a “burning desire” to get back to that.

Noting that he likes the two quarterbacks he has, McCoy added that his plan will be to fit the offense around the players he has - and that will likely change from week to week.

After putting up with a stubborn offense that showed very little creativity over the past season, this will be welcomed news for Broncos Country.

“What I love about Mike McCoy is that he doesn’t have the Mike Shanahan/Kyle Shanahan/Gary Kubiak philosophy of ‘this is my system, my system works, and we’re going to use it,’” Goodman said. “He takes the opposite approach - ‘these are my players and I’m going to find a system that works for them.’ That is a great way to approach your team.”

After the presser, Goodman asked McCoy if Emmanuel Sanders might play slot and the OC’s answer was, “We’ll be moving guys everywhere.”

When it comes to the defense, we know what we’re getting in Joe Woods - continuity and awesomeness.

And he’s fully aware what needs the most attention in the offseason - the run game - so you can bet there will be improvements there.

But while Woods may “tweak” the defense, the terminology and the blueprint will be the same.

Special Teams coach Brock Olivo plans on making ST cool again and the guys pointed out a few things that this “very intense” coach said that will be important for the Broncos next year.

Shapiro liked that new coordinator said he would keep things simple.

Olivo follows the KILL acronym for his special teams - Keep it Likable and Learnable - which is great advice, but I mostly like the kill part (figuratively, of course).

“All of these guys play positions on offense or defense,” Shapiro said, “and he said ‘I don’t want to muddy their they can go back to concentrating on offense or defense.’”

Goodman liked that Olivo’s goal was understanding not just knowing.

“One thing he said that I loved is ‘my goal is not for the players to learn our system. My goal is to make sure the players understand the system,’” Goodman said, adding that helping players understand why they need to be where they need to be and do what they need to do will really help the unit. “I think that’s a great way to teach.”