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2017 Free Agency: Ronald Leary contract details

Here’s a first peek at the contract breakdown of newly signed guard, Ronald Leary.

San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys

Here is what we know so far about the details of Ronald Leary’s contract; from NFL writer, Aaron Wilson and

The initial reports of the deal were that it was a four year/$35M deal.

With this new information, we now have some more insight into how that actually breaks down.

The first two years of base salary are “guaranteed”, with the guarantee for 2018 kicking in at the beginning of the league year. That, with the bonuses, gets to $24M in guaranteed money, of which $18.65M is fully guaranteed.

This is consistent with how Denver has traditionally done most of their contracts: low signing bonus, and supplement the guaranteed money by adding roster bonuses and guaranteeing base salaries.

This gives Denver flexibility throughout the contract and, as you can see, doesn’t leave a lot of dead cap space should they decide to move on in a year or two.

In my opinion this looks to be a good deal for Denver, especially considering the current guard market.