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Broncos Free Agency: Menelik Watson contract details

Taking a look at the contract breakdown for newly signed tackle, Menelik Watson

Philadelphia Eagles v Oakland Raiders Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Yesterday we broke down Ronald Leary’s contract, and today we will take a look at Menelik Watson.

The details were first reported by NFL writer Aaron Wilson:

Here is a look at what the full contract looks like from

This deal is a savvy one by John Elway as it is essentially a one-year “prove it” deal with a very low cap hit for 2017 (lower than Donald Stephenson). Additionally, the dead money in 2018 is just a little over $2.5M so if things don’t work out this year, the Broncos can cut Watson will relatively little repercussions.

It remains to be seen if Watson works out for Denver, but considering the currently crazy tackle market, John Elway got a very low risk signing here that could potentially pay dividends.