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Cowboys pretending they can trade Tony Romo; Broncos/Texans pretending they don’t want him

Lies, lies, and more lies. The posturing for Tony Romo is reaching epic proportions, but there is one man out there telling the truth.

Dallas Cowboys v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos and Houston Texans are now in full “we don’t really want Tony Romo” mode now that Jerry Jones has been talked into finding a way to trade him rather than release him. The media has mostly helped reinforce the “No Romo” narratives, but it is clearly a facade.

Both teams are trying very hard to convince Jones that they may not even go after Romo even if he is released, which is a bit of a 180 from where both teams stood when they thought he was being released at 2:00 p.m. MT on Thursday. Adam Schefter reinforced the consensus that there will be no trade, but the song and dance between the three teams must continue until the Dallas Cowboys come to that ultimate conclusion themselves.

Everyone has to lie

In short, everyone is lying about their intentions. Whether it be to the general public in the case of the Broncos and Texans interest or to themselves in the case of Jones. It’s a necessity to ensure they have a chance to get what they want out of this situation.

There is one local reporter who is exposing it all for what it is and that is Mike Fisher who covers Dallas sports. When all of these reports were coming out, he was refuting them on Twitter.

No one is going to trade for Romo. Everyone knows this except for Jones, but it’s good that someone in the local Dallas media is willing to call it like it is with the franchise there.

Again, this is exactly what we all thought prior to Jones getting a greed stick up his rear end, forcing the Broncos to change their tune about Romo.

Why bring this all up?

Because Romo is going to be cut and I would bet within the next several days. The Cowboys will incur nearly $20 million in dead money, but they will also get $5 million in cap savings. With just under $10M in cap space right now, it does give them some wiggle room to work with before the draft.

When he does finally get cut, you should prepare for the Broncos to go hard for him. The Broncos free agency moves show they are preserving cap for something and the only $10-14M something left out there is for a certain quarterback who hasn’t yet hit the market.

This Tony Romo saga also shows why we shouldn’t put too much stock into what comes out from the local Denver media when it is clear the Broncos are in need of some posturing in a given situation. Instead, we should be prepared for craziness once the Cowboys finally do the inevitable.