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DeMarcus Ware gets a Mile High Report game ball for everything he has done for the Broncos

DeMarcus Ware has retired from the NFL. Us Denver Broncos fans give him one big ole Mile High Salute.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

During the season, when the Denver Broncos win, we give out game balls to the teams top performers in the game. Well, DeMarcus Ware was a top performer for three seasons for Denver and with his retirement is now just a few years away from being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Here are our game balls for DeMarcus Ware and what he has meant to us as Broncos fans over these past three plus years.

Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

My favorite memory of DeMarcus Ware was when he and Peyton Manning were both nursing injuries during the 2015 season. They were watching the Broncos-Patriots from inside because cold weather and standing would not be good for either. As they watched the game on TV in the equipment room , Manning told Ware a pass-rush play he should go give Wade Phillips, so Ware ran out and told Wade the play. A little later, Ware had a play for Peyton to send in to Brock - which he did, and it worked. I love that story for both players because it's a tiny snippet of how much they loved football and loved winning and loved competing. I'm certain Von Miller wouldn't be the player he is without DeMarcus, so not only is Ware leaving his own legacy in the NFL as the 8th all-time sacks leader, he's leaving his mark in two locker rooms and among hundreds of players.

Pete Baron

Thank you DeMarcus for being the class act that you have always been. What's lost with today's athletes is the reverence for the game and the respect for the game and the players before them. When you were with Dallas, you brought that reverence and respect, and players followed. When you came to Denver, we were in desperate need of a mentor, an idol, a "hero" for our players, especially Von Miller to look up to; you were that idol. In this day and age when kids and adults have false heroes to look up to, you truly are one of the worthy ones that no parent, no brother, and no sister would mind at all looking up to or having their children look up to. For all the great moments you had on the football field, your biggest impact will always be felt off of the field, where you truly are invaluable. You not only molded men, but you changed lives for the better with every smile, every appearance, and every photograph/tweet/and interview you ever had. Thank you DeMarcus for simply being you and showing the entire world how a real hero, one worthy of the praise and emulation should act!

Leora Ruzin

My favorite memory of DeMarcus Ware is of how he made a point to mentor Demaryius Thomas and Von Miller. His leadership was crucial to the success of the team during the 2015-2016 season, and contributed to the Broncos winning the Super Bowl. I will miss his infectious energy and even more infectious smile.

Ian St. Clair

There's not a singular memory that defines Ware for me. When I think back on his three years with the Broncos, I'll remember that infectious smile. It's a million dollar smile that seemingly never leaves his face, but gives you a glimpse into his soul. One of the hardest and most tireless workers you will ever encounter. A man who was never satisfied and always demanded more ... out of his teammates, coaches, but also himself. Ware loved what he did, and you could see that every time he stepped foot on the field. Ware is one of the best to ever do what he did, but the other word that defines him is humble. In the end, it's what he brought off the field that means more. As noted already, what he did for Miller and Thomas is remarkable. It was this story I wrote last offseason that led Ware to follow me on Twitter. Those are only two that we know about. Above all else, it was the glimpses into the moments he shares with his kids. That shows yet again that Ware knows it's bigger than him. Ware not only changed two franchises and their locker rooms over the course of his Hall-of-Fame-career, he changed two communities and countless peoples lives in the process. I'll remember that Ware was not only elite on the field, but more so off of it. Thank you for always sharing that smile with us.

Adam Malnati

DeMarcus Ware's impact on the Denver Broncos is likely immeasurable. His veteran presence helped to guide young players like Von Miller, Demaryius Thomas, and Shane Ray. He has been a true leader. The Broncos probably don't win Super Bowl 50 without him. Not because of his play, but because of his leadership and character. I will never forget him coming out before the 2015 season and saying Super Bowl or bust (along with Emmanuel Sanders). That is a commitment to winning. That is excepting nothing less than the best from himself and the men around him. That is what made him a hall of famer and a great Bronco.

Julie Dixon

Football is a a violent sport dominated by aggressive men who hurt people for a living. Today's gladiators. Few manage to be the best at this, while maintaining a kind, respectful and professional demeanor.

DWare did it. Not only did he lead men on the field, but off it as well. USAA chose him to participate in their, Salute to Hero, campaign due to his unwavering fit to a motto of honor, courage and commitment.

Denver has signed a lot of Free Agents during my time, but DeMarcus was the only time I literally danced. And jumped. And sang, Hallelujah! Ware was one of the very few players to get the best of Peyton Manning. This is an aspect too many overlook. His mental ability matched his physical prowess.

Without him, it's very likely we wouldn't have a SB50 championship. During halftime of the crucial win against the New England Patriots*, DWare and Manning delivered to Gary Kubiak notes they had made while watching from the locker room. It worked as Denver stormed back from a deficit to win in an exciting overtime victory. That win meant the playoffs went through Denver.

Not only was DeMarcus a Champion on the field, but to proponents for adoption like our family is, he's a true hero. While the football world said fair winds and following seas to one of the all time greats, his greatest gifts, his children, will fill the void. All the best and thank you for being my hero.

Tim Lynch

DeMarcus Ware, quite likely, was the catalyst to the Denver Broncos Super Bowl 51 championship. He came to the team with Von Miller at a crossroads in his career and his life. How much influence Ware exerted over Miller is unknown to the public, but it is clearly obvious that Miller's mindset changed rapidly once Ware arrived in the locker room. For a guy who was "the sack master" for the Dallas Cowboys for a decade, easily took on the role of mentor playing opposite of a young, more athletic Miller. The result was the kind of camaraderie and team chemistry necessary to create a dominate unit in the NFL. He may enter the Hall of Fame as a Cowboy, but his impact was big enough on the Broncos organization that I'll still consider him a "Bronco in the Hall of Fame" when it happens. Cheers, DeMarcus! See you in Canton.

Ian Henson

DeMarcus Ware signed with the Broncos on March 12, 2014 (one day after he was released from the Dallas Cowboys), on May 4, 2014 Ware was participating in Denver's leg of Redbull's Wings For Life World Run. He was less than 60 days into the second leg of his career with Denver and he was participating in a run across the world to raise awareness for spinal cord injuries. There wouldn't be many weeks from that point on where you wouldn't see or hear of Ware supporting a local charity.

Anyone that may wonder what Ware meant to the Denver community can see how quickly fans of the Broncos mobilized to identify the robbery suspects when Ware's house was broken into and his Super Bowl ring was stolen. On Denver vs. 104.3 The Fan's D-Mac identified Ware for the turnaround in Von Miller's career, attributing Ware's presence with a direct correlation to the uptick in Miller's production (and eventual Super Bowl MVP). Ware was that person for more than just Miller, he left a path of success around him no matter who it was, Shane Ray, Shaquil Barrett, eventually Dekoda Watson and even Vontarrius Dora.