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Mile High Report Media Madness Champion Announcement

Fire the confetti cannons! Strike up the band! Queue the video montage of how he got here. Ladies and gentlemen, Mile High Report is proud to announce the winner of this year's Media Madness Bracket!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

What an incredible six weeks it's been! When we hatched this idea, we never thought it would garner the kind of attention that it did. I thought there would be a few hundred votes each week and we'd end up crowning our champion in relative obscurity. Not so!

Folks, in the championship round, an eye-popping 5,905 votes were cast. This total shatters each of the preceding week's totals.

Throughout this bracket challenge, a grand total of 22,241 votes were submitted.

That's great, but who won?

How did Brandon Perna get here?

...and now the results for the championship round....

A 90% margin of victory is impressive, but to do it against one of the greatest Broncos to ever play the game is nothing short of astounding. Now that it's all said and done, it's crazy to think that 19,111 respondents over the course of this contest voted for Brandon Perna. That's nearly 86%!

It's because of those ridiculous numbers that I, on behalf of Mile High Report, can unequivocally declare Brandon Perna the CHAMPION of the 2017 Mile High Report Media Madness Bracket!

Congrats, Brandon! Your trophy is in the mail! Some assembly required.