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Report: Broncos still top target for Tony Romo; 49ers may trade for Trevor Siemian

Broncos are considered a favorite for Romo and seem ready to pursue the veteran quarterback

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

According to 9NEWS Denver's Mike Klis, multiple NFL sources have told him that the Broncos will, in fact, pursue if/when the veteran quarterback is released by the Dallas Cowboys sometime this week.

This has been rumored all offseason and now that we're nearing the start of Free Agency, it appears that it will likely happen.

"Multiple NFL sources tell 9News Broncos general manager John Elway and the team are ready to pursue Romo if and when the quarterback is released by Jones and the Dallas Cowboys."

Klis also once again confirmed that Romo's preferred destination is the Denver Broncos. This is something that was brought up during the season and something that appears to held true during the offseason.

"One agent source also told 9News that Romo’s preferred choice is the Broncos. Denver is not the only team expected to pursue Romo, though. There was buzz at the NFL Combine the Houston Texans would also be interested, but would they give up on Brock Osweiler after paying him $21 million in 2016, his first year with the team, and another $16 million guaranteed this season?"

Todd Archer who covers the Cowboys for ESPN had private discussions with NFL GM's and executives and they all believe it will come down to the Broncos and Texans. A few other teams were mentioned, but the Broncos and Texans are considered the favorites by far.

However, are the Texans really serious contenders for Romo? They did just sign Brock Osweiler last year to a mega deal, and signing Romo would be admitting they made a huge mistake just one year ago. That would also tie up a bunch of money into the quarterback position. Another thing that makes the Texans unlikely is Romo's and Jerry Jones's "do-right rule".

"It is implied that we will work in the best way we can for the mutual interest of Tony and the Cowboys. That was just implied," Jones said. "That’s important here. Now we’ve got to abide by every league rule. We can’t have agreements without it being within the boundaries of the NFL. But when you’ve got a situation like we got, we’ll do the do-right rule. That’s it. Very important. We do the do-right rule. We have that kind of relationship."

I find it hard to believe that Romo and Jones would mutually agree to Romo signing with the Houston Texans. Having Romo remain in the state of Texas likely doesn't really seem like something that Jones and the Cowboys would want.

CBS Sport's Joel Corry also believes Romo will end up joining the Denver Broncos this offseason.

"I expect Romo to be a Bronco," Corry said. "Houston may actually be his more favored destination because it’s in the state of Texas and it’s an easy transition. He wouldn’t be uprooting his family in the same way as he would with Denver. But Denver, recen] Super Bowl champions, just a quarterback away, it makes sense."

So it really sounds like the Broncos will end up signing Tony Romo if/when he is released by the Cowboys likely here in the coming days. So where does that leave 2016 starter Trevor Siemian? It was already reported that the Bills would be interested in Siemian, but now Klis mentions the 49ers as potential suitors as well.

"If the Broncos were to acquire Romo, Elway figures to almost instantly receive trade requests for Siemian, starting with the San Francisco 49ers. New 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan communicated during his head coach interview with the Broncos he was impressed with Siemian, who is scheduled to make a ridiculously affordable $615,000 this season and $705,000 in 2018 as part of his rookie contract."

I would also expect the Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, and possibly even the Arizona Cardinals to call the Broncos about Siemian's availability if Romo is signed. The quarterback market is pretty weak and this draft class is weak as well, so the Broncos could get a decent return for Siemian if they decide to go that route.

As for Paxton Lynch, they wouldn't be waving the white flag on him just yet, just admitting he needs another year or so of development before hitting the field. This was always expected anyways. Many draft evaluators said Lynch was a project and would need time since he came from a college style offense. Romo would give the Broncos a proven veteran stop gap for a year or two which would allow Lynch develop and the Broncos to be competitive at the same time as well.

To me, it seems like this is something that's going to happen and I figure we will get more reports/rumors about it in the coming days. Things will really heat up if/when the Cowboys do release Tony Romo.

Free Agency is going to be another wild one for us Broncos fans.