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Denver vs. Episode 2: Broncos free agency primer (Video)

Mile High Report’s Ian Henson sat down with D-Mac, Frank Schwab and Benjamin Allbright to talk Denver Broncos football.

In last week’s episode, Ian Henson brought on D-Mac, Mike Klis and Paul Klee. The episode was heavy on Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian, but the Tony Romo train is running full steam towards Denver and that topic dominated the conversation.

No one likes Siemian, it appears. They called him an overachiever who would likely look better in camp than Romo. The consensus is that John Elway needs to trade him immediately after signing Romo. Schwab was the only one to argue that keeping Siemian around is more valuable than dealing him for the Denver Broncos.

The quarterback-heavy conversation matters as it has become clear that Elway’s free agency plan is now revolving around Tony Romo. If that doesn’t happen, then pretty much everything being discussed gets buried for eternity.

Good times!