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Vance Joseph says there are a couple of OT's in the draft that they think can start day one

Was the Broncos Head Coach dropping some hints?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph spoke to the media today and was asked about the left tackles in the upcoming NFL Draft. Joseph stated that there are a couple of left tackles in this draft that they believe can start day one for them if needed.

Of course, Joseph wouldn't name who the "couple" are but it's safe to assume that Wisconsin's Ryan Ramczyk, Utah's Garett Bolles, and/or Alabama's Cam Robinson are who Joseph is talking about here.

The Broncos are in need of a left tackle after declining 2016 starter Russel Okung's option and allowing him to eventually sign with the rival Los Angeles Chargers during free agency. Currently, the starter at left tackle is Donald Stephenson who really struggled at right tackle last season, so I highly doubt he is the guy they want at that position. So it seems likely that they will either swing a trade for someone or draft a tackle high in the draft.

The Broncos met with all three tackles during March's NFL Scouting Combine and will have Cam Robinson in for a pre-draft visit here sometime soon. So they already know all three prospects well, the question is which one do they like the most?

Well, Joseph may have given us a bit of a hint as to which tackle the Broncos are targeting during the first-round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Joseph said that they want to get "tougher and meaner" upfront and pointed to the signings of Leary, Peko, Watson, and Kerr point to that.

Also, there is one offensive tackle prospect in this draft that plays pissed off and is one tough son of a gun. That player being Garett Bolles.

"When I’m on the field, I want to put people in the dirt," Bolles said Thursday. "And that’s what I’m here for. As an offensive lineman, you want to be the nasty prick that you can be. And whoever is in front of me, I want to drive them and put them in the dirt. So I’m just going to try to be that every single day. And when I come off the field, I love my family. I just learned how to turn the switch to to go back to the new Garett."

That's the type of mentality and type of player the Broncos are looking for up front. He'll bring that toughness and physical nature to the offensive line as well as fill a much-needed hole on the roster.

I have my concerns about his age, scheme fit, and needed development, but it is possible he's the perfect fit for the Broncos right now. I know some want Christian McCaffrey or another prospect, but the closer we get to the first round of the draft, the odds of selecting an offensive lineman in the first round of the draft get better and better.