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Vance Joseph wants to add ‘more juice’ to the offense

Vance Joseph wants to add ‘more juice’ to the Denver Broncos offense. What does that mean?

The Afternoon Drive with Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro discussed a comment from Vance Joseph about the offense and ‘adding juice’ to it. What does that mean to you?

It was a good discussion on how the Denver Broncos could add a player that can make explosive plays.

Shapiro hit the nail on the head by noting that the Broncos need more talent on offense and that is what ‘adding juice’ means in this sense, however, Goodman made the point of this segment saying Denver was building the offense from the outside-in, rather than the inside-out. Meaning, they want skill players over offensive line talent, which is a mistake.

Bonus Listen

Mike Pritchard got involved in the discussion as well over the comments made by Joseph on Monday.