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Why are some in Broncos Country done with Paxton Lynch?

When the Denver Broncos entered the 2016 NFL Draft a new era was on the horizon. After winning Super Bowl 50, Peyton Manning was retired, and it was time to look to the future.

Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Just one year later, some in Broncos Country are calling their first round draft pick a bust. As Ian St. Clair and I asked on the MHR Radio podcast, why are people so quick to dismiss Paxton Lynch?

Drafting NFL players is not easy. Look at the history of some franchises, littered with busts and broken promises (Raiders and Browns come to mind). Low round draft picks have great impacts (see: FYTB). Undrafted players can be the best at their position, like Chris Harris, Jr.

When it comes to first round selections, teams are not just hoping they succeed, they are betting on it. If that pick is a quarterback, the risk to reward ratio can grow exponentially. Imagine an NFL franchise giving up on a first round pick after just one season. Seems highly unlikely.

Yet, some fans are hoping the Broncos will do just that. After just over 10 quarters Lynch has been given the dreaded “Bust” moniker. Trevor Siemian, and his story, has convinced some that it is time to move on from Lynch.

Siemian played an entire season of uninspiring football. The offense sputtered and faltered throughout the season. Defenses that were being lit up by less talented offenses were made to look like world beaters against the Broncos. It does not all rest on Siemian’s shoulders, but the most important player on the field is the quarterback.

Siemian spent most of the season playing with a serious shoulder injury. He proved his toughness, and showed some that he was a capable starter in the league. As a 7th round draft pick, he has a compelling narrative.

The narrative, along with limited play from Lynch, has convinced some that the future rests in the hands of Siemian, rather than Lynch. But that may not matter to the man making decisions. All indications are that Dove Valley will be experiencing a quarterback competition in 2017.

As fans, it makes sense to pick a player you like and hope they succeed. And rooting for the underdog is a natural phenomenon. In this tale of two quarterbacks, Siemian is definitely the long shot. But money talks.

John Elway spent more than just a first round draft pick on Paxton Lynch. He used a trade to ensure he would get him. His time as the Broncos starter will come, and it will likely be this upcoming season. Fans may root for the dark horse, but GMs look for return on investment.

What do you think Broncos Country? Will the team make the move to Paxton Lynch, or will Trevor Siemian continue as the starter in Denver?