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Matt Paradis injury will steepen learning curve

The Broncos starting center is out until training camp. That means no on-field work in the new offense and none with either quarterback.

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The task of learning a new offense is difficult enough. The verbiage, the plays, the formations ... it’s a lot to take in. No matter how much carry over from the previous system, it takes work in the offensive rooms and on the practice field.

That’s why the additions of Mike McCoy and Bill Musgrave are so vital for the Denver Broncos offense. They’ll make that learning curve as flat as possible for their players.

But one player will only get one aspect of that work - Matt Paradis. Vance Joseph announced at the start of the Broncos’ organized team activities that the starting center will be out until July. That means Paradis won’t see the field until training camp.

As Adam Malnati and I mentioned on the latest Mile High Report Radio Podcast, for an offense in a new system, that’s a big deal. As the leader of the offensive line, that’s an even bigger deal. We’ve all heard how crucial this time of year is for development and growth. You’re able to work on timing, familiarity and memory. All in a new system. One of the most important players on the field won’t get that chance because of double hip surgery.

The result of that is neither will the rest of the offensive line nor both quarterbacks. The latter of which is the point. Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian can’t do anything on the field with the starting center until training camp. At the very least, timing will be an issue once training camp starts. Lynch and Siemian could take the reigns and work with Paradis when he’s cleared. That is one way to cope with the inevitable timing issues.

The NFL season is all about hurdles, and the Broncos got this doozy right away. One would expect that McCoy and new offensive line coach Jeff Davidson have a plan in place to clear it. Time will tell how effective that is. As OTAs continue for Denver, keep this in mind.