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Joe Thomas or Christian McCaffrey, who would you choose if you’re the Broncos?

The Afternoon Drive posed the question on Friday’s show. Here’s my idea: What if both are possible?

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Joe Thomas has been on the radar of the Denver Broncos for years. It seems any time a deal is thrown out, the Cleveland Browns left tackle is linked to the Mile High City.

There was the rumored deal a few years ago that had Thomas coming to Denver for Shaquil Barrett and a second-round pick. There was a talk about a month ago over how much Thomas loves the Rocky Mountains and would like to live here. About a week and a half out from the NFL Draft in Philadelphia, that “talk” still lives. That’s because John Elway and the Broncos still don’t have a left tackle.

Speaking of the draft, there is one player that some/most of Broncos Country has its eye on. Of course that’s Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey. It’s beyond evident at this point the Broncos really like him. The most recent evidence is the organization had McCaffrey at the UCHealth Training Center for a visit this week.

That led Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro on Friday’s The Afternoon Drive to ask: If you could chose, would you pick Thomas or McCaffrey? It’s an interesting proposition for fans since both would fill a need for Denver.

My answer: Why does it have to be one or the other? There are scenarios where John Elway could land both. Mike Klis with 9News put forth one such way on Friday. To do this the Broncos would have to part with a player on top of picks, whether this year and/or in the future. Here’s one way to get it done: The teams swap first-round picks (12 and 20), Denver adds a second-round pick and a player and the Browns send Thomas.

As the draft inches closer, the excitement starts to build. What will Elway and the Broncos do? Will they solve the left tackle issue by finally getting Thomas? Get “the juice” new coach Vance Joseph craves in McCaffrey? Or why not go big and get both?

Hold onto your butts.