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Reports about the Broncos having a 'problem' with quarterback Paxton Lynch are shot down

Nice try Dallas.

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Mike Klis of 9NEWS Denver shot down rumors that the Broncos are having "problems" with 2016 first-round pick, quarterback Paxton Lynch.

Earlier today, a report from Bryan Broaddus of the Dallas News said that he was told by "some guys in Denver" that the Broncos were "having a problem" with Paxton Lynch.

"I talked to some guys in Denver; they're having a problem with Paxton Lynch right now because they can't get him to buy into the things like Dak Prescott bought in, where early in late out, that kind of thing."

This led to Klis, who often speaks for the Broncos to call the report from the Cowboys beat writer "inappropriate and false".

It didn't stop there, Benjamin Allbright of Mile High Sports asked his Broncos sources about this "report" and apparently, the source laughed at the accusations and called it "Fake News".

This really sounds like the Cowboys continuing to push the Dak Prescott love. Remember, the Cowboys really wanted Paxton Lynch last year, but the Broncos were able to trade up ahead of them to select him. This made Cowboys owner Jerry Jones lose sleep that night. That is how much the Cowboys owner wanted Lynch to be Tony Romo's replacement.

Now a staff writer for the Cowboys website is pushing how the guy they missed out on is apparently struggling with the same things that Dak Prescott is apparently doing well.

So it appears that there is nothing to see here.


Well, the Broncos responded