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Is the NFL schedule event overhyped?

Four letter networks had 2+ hour long "schedule release events", but why? Does anyone really have any 'give a care' about it until it's released?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 "Schedule Release Event" of the millennium has mercifully come and gone. I just don't get it. Why have a 2 hour special leading up to the event? What is there to talk about? What is there really to do? I mean, it isn't like the schedule is a draft where teams (or GM's) have to trade things to grab a better week to play another team. It isn't like we see John Elway at the poker table against Bill Bilichick pushing his chips all in to get the Pats after the Broncos bye week.

We ALL knew who the opponents were already. The only thing we didn't know was in what week we would play them. So what's the big hoopla about? "Boo hoo, we have 4 of 5 on the road!" Guess what? We played 4 our of 5 on the road in our Super Bowl winning season 2 years ago!

"OMG why would we have 3 straight road games?" Eh, at least 2 of them are close. The only real one that will truly suck is traveling to Philly, but we should wipe our feet with them anyways. So really, what's the big deal?

The only real thing I ever look at regarding the schedule is which week we get the bye. We got the Bye in week 5. Sure, it's early, but it's only 2 weeks earlier than our Super Bowl winning season in which we had a bye in week 7.

If anyone wants to have a schedule special, start the special the moment the schedule is released and then talk about reactions to it. Even though none of that really matters because the games still need to be played. We're 19-0 until we aren't, right?

Look, there's a few things that you can pencil in immediately each and every year when it comes to the schedule.

First: The New England Patriots will have one of the weakest schedules of the year no matter what or how their previous year's record and season ended.

Second: The New England Patriots will be in the playoffs no matter what their schedule looks like.

Third: Because of these two undisputed truths, why are we pissing and moaning about our schedule? If the Patriots had our schedule, they'd still make the playoffs, right? Yeah, I thought so.

So how about this Broncos Country: Instead of whining and complaining about the schedule, how about we talk about how we can get better? How about we get some billboards out for Elway to trade what will surely be a wasted 2nd round pick for Joe Thomas? How about we take billboards out or petition the mayor to pressure John into going all "Ditka needs Ricky Williams" and just giving the whole draft up for Christian McCaffrey?

The last I checked, it's our money that funds the team. Our revenue stream by our eyes watching TV, buying merchandise, and attending the games that pays the front office and the players every single penny. So do something about it with this clout that you have?

Instead of predicting wins and losses, or complaining about how the games line up, how about we set the bar a tad higher and just win!!! You have to play the games on your schedule. If we win the Super Bowl this year, nobody will remember complaining about 4 of 5 on the road (like we had in 2015) and nobody will talk about how unfortunate we were to have 3 straight on the road. All we'll do is celebrate because this team had what it takes to line up against the foe and beat the tar out of them. Do you think the schedule means Jack or Squat to the Pats? Hell no! They see it, they say "lets get to work" and they get to freaking work! They don't make excuses. They don't worry about X amount of games at home or the road. They go out there and expect to out-execute their opponent.

Why do I want us to emulate them? Because they are the defending champs. They've won 2 of 3 Super Bowls. They don't complain, they get to work! They are "on to Cincinnati" instead of making excuses.

So lets do that. Lets not make excuses. Lets root for the team. Lets cheer them on, drink the Kool-Aid, and turn every home and away game into a home crowd! It doesn't matter if we're going to L.A., K.C., and then Philly back to back to back if we sell those stadiums out with Broncos fans! So lets do OUR PART to make the schedule irrelevant! Because if you don't, then all you are doing is being Patriots fans instead of true Broncos fans! And friends don't let friends act like Patriots fans!

GO BRONCOS!!! 19-0 till we ain't!