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ESPN's Mel Kiper and Todd McShay's Denver Broncos 3-Round Mock Draft

ESPN's draft experts have the Broncos going offensive tackle in the first round! Shocker.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN draft experts Mel Kiper Jr., and Todd McShay teamed up to do a three-round mock. Kiper started with the first pick, followed and they continued to alternate until the final pick of the third round, pick 107, held by the New York Jets.

Here's a look at the results of that draft for the Denver Broncos.

First round, pick 20.

Utah Offensive Tackle, Garett Bolles

McShay: "Highest-rated offensive tackle on my board. Huge need. Easy pick".

My thoughts:

Bolles has been the most popular pick for the Broncos in many mock drafts, so it's not a shocker that they go with Bolles here. He would slide in as the starting left tackle from day one and fit the mentality the Broncos are looking for from their trench players. He is also highly athletic which is always nice to have in your offensive lineman.

However, there are plenty of concerns with Bolles. First, he will be a 25-year old rookie who will be 30 years old at the end of his rookie contract. Second, he only has one year of major college football experience under his belt, so he enters the league old and rather raw. Third, he will need to hit the weight room to get stronger to become a better NFL player. Keep in mind he has been dealing with a pectoral strain and was unable to lift for teams during the draft process. So questions remain about his overall strength.

Broncos are high on Bolles, so unless he goes in the top 10-15 range which I believe he does, he may very well be the Broncos pick in the first round.

Second round, pick 51.

Ashland Tight End, Adam Shaheen

Kiper: "Denver fills its top two needs in Rounds 1 and 2 after taking Garett Bolles. Shaheen, a 6-6, 278-pound former basketball player, is intriguing".

My thoughts:

This is an intriguing pick because of Shaheen's upside. He's a very large man who is very athletic. He may not be ready to contribute right away, but his size makes and ability makes him a big time red zone target.

The Broncos have a bunch of bodies at the tight end position but none of them have really separated from each other as of yet, so I expect them to add one sometime in the first two days of the draft.

Shaheen is a small school guy so you always are worried about their transition to tougher competition in the NFL. I'd probably feel more comfortable with this pick in the third round, but wouldn't be against it at all.

Third round, pick 82.

Florida Inside Linebacker, Alex Anzalone

McShay: "Anzalone struggled to stay healthy at Florida, but I'm intrigued by his range against the run and in coverage".

My thoughts:

Anzalone is another interesting pick. As McShay notes, he struggled with injuries at Florida, but when he's healthy he is a damn good player. The problem is just keeping him healthy.

He had himself a pretty good draft process. He showed off his range and athleticism and the Combine and Senior Bowl this winter. That really helped his stock, but the cloud of injuries will keep him from being selected any higher than this.

Anzalone would give the Broncos a speedy and downhill linebacker who can play all three downs and help out in the coverage game as well. The Broncos struggled in that area last year and turned to former sixth-round pick Corey Nelson as their nickel linebacker at times last season.

Third round, pick 101.

Auburn Defensive Lineman, Montravius Adams

Kiper: "I could see a team rolling the dice on Adams and taking him in the second round. The talent is there; the consistency is not".

My thoughts:

I like this pick because if selected, Defensive Line Coach Bill Kollar signed off on it and believe he can bring out the talent in Adams.

As Kiper states, Adams has been highly inconsistent throughout his career. One minute he flashes first round ability, and other times he looks like an awful prospect. We know he can be a very good prospect, he just needs to put in the effort to become a more consistent player.

If drafted by the Broncos, he would help out at defensive end and potentially at nose tackle as well. He would also provide some much-needed depth at a position that really lacked it last season.

Overall thoughts:

I wouldn't be all that thrilled with this draft. The Broncos need to hit a home run with this draft and the if the draft fell this way, they would be rolling the dice on all four of their day one and two picks.

Bolles age, injury, and development are in question. Shaheen's transition from small school standout to NFL level tight end won't be easy. Anzalone is a talented player but has yet to show he can stay healthy, and Adams is a boom or bust type prospect with consistency/effort questions.

I understand that every selection is a risk, but these four all come with major concerns that very easily could make them busts in the NFL. Hell, the odds all four of these guys overcome their questions is very slim.

So I ask you Mile High Report, how would you grade Kiper's and McShay's three-round draft for the Denver Broncos?