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2017 NFL Scouting Report: Scouting Alabama Linebacker, Reuben Foster

Could the Broncos add this impactful linebacker to their already dominant defense?

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

One prospect who the Denver Broncos may consider during the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft is former Alabama Inside Linebacker, Reuben Foster. He was considered a top 10 prospect at the beginning of the draft process, but character concerns, medicals, and now a failed drug test have his stock slipping. Foster a 6'0", 229lb linebacker who is considered the top linebacker prospect in this year's draft. Foster is ranked as the 10th best prospect in the 2017 NFL Draft according to CBS Sports and the top rated Inside Linebacker in the draft.

Foster played three seasons at Alabama and put up some good numbers during that time. During his three-year career, Foster totaled 211 tackles, 23 tackles for a loss, 7 sacks, and 9 pass deflections. This past season, Foster totaled 115 tackles, 13 tackles for a loss, 5 sacks, and 2 pass deflections.

Reuben Foster

Inside Linebacker | Senior | Alabama

Height: 6'0" | Weight: 229lbs | 40 Time: N/A

Arm Length: 32 3/8" Hands: 10 1/4"

* Did not participate in Combine drills because he was sent home and had a shoulder injury

Film Room

Scouting Report


  • Plays fast and physical
  • A big time hitter on the field
  • Great athlete that flies all over the field
  • Sideline to sideline player
  • Explosive tackler
  • Does well in traffic and sheds blocks well
  • Great in coverage
  • Has a nose for the ball
  • Good body control
  • His alpha mentality would fit well with the defense
  • Tough player who was well-liked by his teammates and coaches
  • Lost 15 pounds his senior year to become a more explosive player


  • Character concerns and was sent home from the Combine
  • Has a shoulder injury that kept him from working out for teams
  • Had a diluted urine sample at the Combine
  • Is already in the NFL Drug program
  • Not the best instincts
  • Relies on his athleticism a bit too much
  • Overaggressive and will bite hard on play fakes
  • Lost weight to become the player he is now so diet will need to be watched
  • His aggressive tackling may lead to more injuries
  • Also, his big hits may lead to flags in the NFL

Does Reuben Foster make sense for the Broncos?

If the Broncos did not have a big need at left tackle, then hell yes.

Foster is a plug and play inside linebacker who would be in the running for Defensive Rookie Of The Year. His fast and physical play would fit right into the Broncos defensive mentality and make this already dominant defense even more dominant.

Unfortunately, Foster comes with some added baggage. First, he was sent home from the NFL Scouting Combine for an argument with a doctor during a physical. That was the first issue for Foster, the second was the shoulder injury he was dealing with that kept him from working out for teams during the draft process. Finally, and the most recent one was news that he had a diluted urine sample at the Combine that counts as a failed drug test and places him in the NFL's Drug Program. So this has his draft stock slipping quickly.

So Foster may very well drop to the Broncos at 20, but I do not forsee them going in that direction unless that have a trade lined up for a veteran tackle or are comfortable with a second round tackle prospect. It appears tackle is the Broncos top priority right now and are not willing to spend a premium pick on a position that's not a huge need or highly valued by General Manage John Elway.

I would love Foster added to the Broncos defense but I do not see it happening. What do you think Mile High Report? Would Foster be too good to pass up or should finding a tackle be the top priority for the Broncos?