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Report: Broncos among the teams high on tackle Garett Bolles

The Broncos are high on Bolles, but could he fall into the second round?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

According to longtime and well-respected draft analyst Tony Pauline, the Broncos are among the teams that are the highest on Utah offensive tackle Garett Bolles.

Pauline says the Broncos at 20, Giants at 23, Raiders at 24, and Texans at 25 are the four teams that are currently the highest on Bolles.

"The teams that I hear are highest on Bolles right now include the Denver Broncos (20th selection), New York Giants (No. 23), Oakland Raiders (No. 24) and Houston Texans (No. 25)."

Now many have assumed that Bolles would likely be off the board by the time the Broncos pick, but Pauline has been hearing otherwise. While he doesn't agree with these rumors, multiple people have told him that they believe that Bolles will slip out of the first round.

"I’ve heard an opinion from more than a few people who believe Garett Bolles could slip out of the first round. It’s not an opinion I share, as Bolles still grades as the premier left tackle in this year’s draft on my board."

Bolles has become one of the more polarizing prospects in this year's draft class. He's highly athletic and the talent is there for him to become a top left tackle in this league. However, his age(25 years old), size(Under 300lbs), experience(Only played one season at Utah), and core strength/scheme limitations may have teams passing on Bolles in the first round.

This at least confirms the Broncos interest in Bolles. They are high on him and honestly, I'd be surprised if they did not come away with him as their pick in the first round. The second round grade stuff does make sense as well. Seems like people are either really high on Bolles, or think he's a second-round pick in this weak OT class. It appears the Broncos are on the "high on him" side of the argument.

We shall see, but the odds of the Broncos going offensive tackle are becoming better and better as we near the first-round of the 2017 NFL Draft on Thursday.