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Broncos need to take best player available

The 2017 NFL Draft has been fueled by questions about what the Broncos will do. John Elway has a plan, and he should stick to it.

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NFL: Denver Broncos-Vance Joseph Press Conference Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft can be approached with several different strategies. Drafting for need, or best player available seems to be the big question every year. In this draft, John Elway and his new coaching staff need to stick to the idea of picking the best player available.

As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the Mile High Report Radio podcast, this year’s draft is deep. The talent level may not be top heavy, but there are 1st round talents that will go in the second round. With the 20th pick, it is likely that the most desired player by Broncos Country - Christian McCaffrey - will be off the board. No need to panic, and no need to reach.

Drafts always have talents that fall. Elway has made a habit of taking the best player available. If there is a falling talent, like Shane Ray a few seasons ago, Elway will make a move to go get them. However, there is no need in this draft to over-analyze things. Reuben Foster falls to 20, he’s best player on the board. Draft him. McCaffery starts to slip, make a move, trade up, and try and snag him.

There are so many options on the board this year that Elway has the opportunity to be patient. The Draft can come to the Broncos. The biggest mistake the Broncos can do in this draft is make a pick based solely on need. With all the needs, the only thing the Broncos don’t need, is to reach.

John Elway has generally been a GM that goes after the best player available. In 2017, the draft has set up to be perfect for Elway’s style. The question will be, can he stick to it, or will he go off script and reach for a perceived need?