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MHR NFL Draft Round Table: What premier prospect wouldn't you mind the Broncos trade up for?

In our final installation of our NFL Draft Round Table, the Mile High Report team discusses what premier prospect(s) they wouldn't mind if the Broncos traded up for in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Part one, part two and part three of our annual Mile High Report NFL Draft Round Table discussions are in the books. Our fourth and final installment discusses what premier prospect(s) in the 2017 NFL Draft the Mile High Report crew wouldn't mind the Denver Broncos trading up for.

John Elway and the Denver Broncos coaching staff believes that this year's team has the ability to compete for a Super Bowl. Usually that indicates a supreme confidence in your roster and core players. It would also signify the team doesn't have many missing pieces of the championship puzzle to find in this year's draft.

If that's the case, perhaps Elway decides to make a bold move tonight on the draft's first day to get one of the premier players in the 2017 NFL Draft class. A game-changer capable of putting the Broncos over the top in the AFC and help pave the way for the franchises fourth Lombardi Trophy. It's an interesting prospect to consider, and that scenario is exactly why I posed the following question to my fellow staff members.

What premier prospect in the 2017 NFL Draft wouldn't you mind the Broncos trading up for?

Tim Lynch

Christian McCaffrey or O.J. Howard are the two talents that the Denver Broncos should absolutely consider trading up to grab. Outside of some crazy talent falling outside the Top 10, anyway.

Ian St. Clair

I honestly can't pick between McCaffrey and Howard. I think either of them in this offense would be coverage nightmares. If Elway gets one of them, Mike McCoy will the happiest man in Denver.

Adam Malnati

Christian McCaffrey is the obvious choice. The Broncos have many needs, but McCaffrey fills more than a couple of those. Running back, slot receiver, and kick returner are all areas that the Broncos want to upgrade. Doing it with one draft pick would be nice.

If Reuben Foster starts to fall, it might not be a bad play to trade up and draft him if that possibility is there as well. Another serious talent, with gross amounts of potential. He could be a game changer for the defense.


I wouldn't be sad one bit if the Broncos traded up to snag Christian McCaffrey in this draft. I was one of his doubters all the way up until this offseason. His measurables are completely bonkers. He's going to be a super weapon in the NFL and I'd completely understand selling the farm to go get him in this draft if that is what Elway chooses to do.

Pete Baron

It feels like a copout to say "read my very first answer regarding McCaffrey," but I'm telling you, he's THE premium prospect in this draft. His attitude, personality, work ethic, all of it screams "TAKE HIM NO MATTER THE COST!" He's the premium prospect the Broncos need to take.

I haven't seen a player love football and revere football like this since Peyton Manning and DeMarcus Ware were on the team! And that says something. We need more people like that on the team, cause they are usually the ones who turn out to be truly great players.

Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Refer to Question No. 1. (Christian McCaffrey)

Christopher Hart

If the Broncos desired to move up in the 2017 NFL Draft, there are several prospects I'd be interested in them acquiring. First and foremost, O.J. Howard out of Alabama. He's the premier tight end prospect in this year's class and would be an absolute game-changer on offense. We need a player like that. I also wouldn't mind them snagging his teammate, defensive lineman Jonathan Allen, who would be an absolute force on Denver's defensive line.

Scotty Payne

O.J. Howard. He can help you in the passing game and the running game. He's being called the next Greg Olsen and appears to be the "safest" prospect in the draft. He falls into the top 15, I would love it.

Jeffrey Essary

I’ll name three. Christian McCaffrey, Reuben Foster, and Jonathan Allen. The two Alabama defenders have seen their stock drop a bit lately, so if either of them start sliding into the teens, I would go get either one of them and get an impact player at one of the few positions of need in our defense.

For McCaffrey, I think he is a franchise star that when we look back in five years, everyone will wonder why they didn’t try and trade up for him. Sure the move might seem expensive now, but when our 2nd and 3rd round picks from this year flame out and are no longer on the team, we’re going to wish we had used them to go get the future offensive rookie of the year, 3-time offensive player of the year, and league MVP.

The Mile High Report team has spoken and given their list of players they wouldn't mind the Broncos selling the farm to go up and get. Christian McCaffrey and a handful of Alabama prospects seem to be the most popular choices. So Broncos Country, what elite prospect would you love John Elway to go after and get in this year's NFL Draft?

Sound off in the comments section and enjoy the 2017 NFL Draft. Stay tuned to Mile High Report for breaking news and analysis regarding the Denver Broncos' selections, and thank you for taking part and offering tremendous feedback in respect to our round table discussions!