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Broncos Country welcomes first-round pick Garett Bolles via social media

They like that he’ll bring the nasty.

USC v Utah

It’s not easy finding good action photos of offensive linemen.

Such is the case with Broncos’ newest offensive tackle Garett Bolles.

Either the former Utah Ute is in a pile of linemen stopping a play, or he’s picking up a teammate who likely just scored.

Neither makes for good front-page visual material of the lineman.

But both make for a much-needed addition to a perennial weak spot on the Broncos.

And that’s a picture worth a thousand words for this offense.

Broncos Country’s reactions were rather mixed at first, with many, including myself, hoping John Elway could trade up to take Christian McCaffrey or at least get an offensive playmaker like O.J. Howard.

But the Broncos’ first-round choice seemed to grow on fans after two opposite things took place Thursday night.

First, Bolles walked out on stage to greet Roger Goodell with his tiny newborn son, Kingston, in his arms.


Next, Elway made a statement about the fun they were going to have in practice when Bolles and defensive lineman Derek Wolfe went against each other.

Please sell tickets for that event, Elway.

Suddenly the image of a tough, nasty lineman (who happens to have a really cute kid) being able to handle the likes of the Raiders’ and Chiefs’ defensive lines changed the overall social media mood.

The father of Broncos’ safety T.J. Ward told me he liked the pick.

“I’m good with Bolles. We need some nastiness on this O-line,” said Terrell Ward, Sr.

That sentiment was stated a lot last night.

Several Broncos defenders were among the first Broncos players to react to the news.

And it was good.

Several players welcomed their new teammate via Instagram.

“See you on the practice field soon!” said Von Miller. “You're going to help us win a lot of games big dawg!”

Emmanuel Sanders posted, “Welcome big fella!”

And it didn’t hurt to have a former standout Broncos’ tackle vouching for the pick either - at least in terms of his talent.

Elway had said in his pre-Draft presser Monday that the thought there was “a starting left tackle” in the Draft.

And he may have just added him to the team.

Fellow offensive lineman Max Garcia was one of the few on the offensive side of the ball to get in on the Twitter welcome.

Well, aside from one of the two guys who may benefit from Bolles’ talents the most - the quarterback.

And, of course, there was a tweet highlighting the inevitable picture of the o-lineman hoisting his running back in the air after making it into the end zone.

Broncos’ fourth-round pick last year, Devontae Booker, was a Utah Ute and no doubt he’ll be looking forward to another former Ute blocking for him in the pros - and hopefully hoisting him into the air.

Welcome to the Broncos, Garett!


Will Garett Bolles be a Week 1 starter at LT for the Broncos?

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  • 37%
    As our first-round pick, let’s hope so!
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  • 14%
    He’ll have to compete for it, but he’s got as good of a shot as anyone.
    (234 votes)
  • 5%
    I hope so...I want to hear about his practices against Wolfe!
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