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Carlos Henderson and Brendan Langley could become dynamic duo on Broncos special teams

Henderson also adds the juice Denver has craved on offense by being a touchdown machine.

Louisiana Tech v Florida International Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

John Elway and Vance Joseph found the juice and sizzle for their offense. Some might add, “finally” to that sentence.

With the first of two third-round picks in the NFL Draft on Friday, the Denver Broncos selected receiver and returner Carlos Henderson. For those in the know, they say Henderson plays like a running back with how he breaks through tackles. He’s tough as nails, makes a lot of defenders miss and he’s great in space. Henderson plays a lot bigger than he is. He’s also been described as fluid and dynamic. The Louisiana Tech product is also a touchdown machine.

Henderson’s best game came last season when he had 13 catches for 326 yards and five touchdowns. You read that right, five touchdowns. As Andrew Mason with the Broncos website tweeted, Henderson scored once every 5.25 receptions. Those aren’t the only stats. Henderson finished the season with 82 catches, 1,535 yard and 21 total touchdowns. He was rewarded for those numbers. He was the Conference USA Offensive and Special Teams Player of the Year. That’s pretty good.

Needless to say Mike McCoy and his offensive coaches will have fun with Henderson. They will be able to do so much with their new toy it will be exciting to watch. But don’t forget, he’s also a great returner. So John Elway and Vance Joseph solved the slot receiver and returner “hole” with one pick.

“I just feel like I’m going to be able to help the organization,” Henderson told the Denver media. “I feel like I’m going to help improve them as much as I can. I’m just here to prove as much as I can. Wherever they decide to put me. I can play outside and I can play inside. It’s just wherever the team defends. Wherever they’re going to put me, I’m going to work on that spot 100 percent.”

In the process, Denver got another young player with a tremendous attitude. That may mean squat when it comes to eventual success, but it’s a great start. The coaches and teammates know they will come in and get to work. They won’t be a distraction and do whatever is asked of them. So they have the traits on the field and off to be successful. Henderson is the same way.

Of the four picks, the selection of Henderson is the most fun. Garett Boles and DeMarcus Walker fit the attitude change in the trenches. A take no shit, we will destroy you mentality. Henderson adds dynamic playmaking that this offense has lacked in the slot receiver and returner positions for what feels like forever. The Broncos finally have the juice and sizzle they craved on offense.

The second third-round pick was Lamar defensive back Brendan Langley. He’s similar in size to Aqib Talib and has tremendous upside (cross that off your draft Bingo board). I love the pick from the standpoint Langley enters the best secondary in football, can learn and watch two of the best, become a sponge and also work with excellent coaches. Oh, by the way, Langley also is a good returner. So he and Henderson can work off each other to finally give Denver something they haven’t had in a while - special special teams.