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Garett Bolles will play left tackle right away for the Broncos, per Kyle Whittingham

Whittingham joined The Afternoon Drive to discuss Denver’s first-round pick. The Utah coach is a big fan.

NCAA Football: Washington at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps by now some fans of the Denver Broncos have stepped back from the ledge over the pick of Garett Bolles.

A helping hand has been thrown out by some, and I did it with this column after the pick of the Utah offensive lineman was announced on Thursday in the NFL Draft.

Hopefully the interview Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro did on The Afternoon Drive with Bolles’ head coach at Utah aids in that relief. Kyle Whittingham joined the show and is a big fan of the Broncos new tackle.

The big take away? Like John Elway, Wittingham thinks the huge upside and ceiling Bolles has is really impressive. Wittingham also thinks Bolles will play left tackle from the start in Denver because of his “freakish athletic ability.” We’ll see in time, but add Wittingham to the group that loves the pick. Check out the interview here, it’s worth it.