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Carlos Henderson highlights

See the explosive, big play ability of Denver broncos third round pick Carlos Henderson.

What you will see here is a player that is a football player and he is better than you think. Carlos Henderson is a steal for the Denver Broncos in the third round and is this years’ Tyreek Hill without the beating of a pregnant woman on his resume.

When the Broncos selected Henderson in the third round, they got a small school standout that is going to open the offense up for either Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch. Especially with the creativity coming from Mike McCoy’s scheme.

Draftnik fans tend to love his game speed and versatility on the field. Here are a couple of breakdowns of Henderson’s overall game that I found interesting.

This is a great highlight video, but the language used in the background music is a bit unsavory. Turn it up at your own risk!