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NFL Draft 2017: De’Angelo Henderson highlights at Coastal Carolina

The Denver Broncos drafted a small school running back out of Coastal Carolina. Here are his highlights.

The Denver Broncos continue to add playmakers on offense. De’Angelo Henderson is just 5’7”, but at 208 pounds he runs a sub 4.5 and has the shifty, explosive moves that make him a very dangerous weapon on offense.

CBS Sports compared him to Danny Woodhead and the only major weaknesses involve his height and number of touches in college (818). Fortunately, the Broncos likely don’t intend to make him a featured back, which should keep him healthier and fresher at the pro level. Here is what they had for his strengths:

STRENGTHS: Short but compact frame that provides very little target for would-be tacklers. Uses his unique frame as an advantage, hiding behind his blockers and showing both patience and burst in his approach, allowing blocks to set up before exploding through creases like he was shot out of a cannon. Quick feet with the stop-start ability to leave defenders playing on their heels. Good elusiveness to create on his own, leaving defenders grasping at air with quick jump-cuts to escape tight spaces. Good vision and balance to pick and sliding through traffic, often cutting back inside into the teeth of the defense to take advantage of cutback lanes, rather than simply breaking free to the outside. More powerful than he looks, spinning off of contact and running with good forward lean and leg drive to fall forward. Good hands out of the backfield, collecting the ball outside of his frame while maintaining his speed.

The Broncos are serious about scoring more points in 2017 and I’m loving it!