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Chad Kelly had highest score for any quarterback tested by Sport Science

No quarterback did as well in Sport Science testing than Chad Kelly. The guy is a freak.

In this ESPN Sport Science segment, Chad Kelly scored the highest of any quarterback they have ever tested. Given that fact, the Denver Broncos could have a three-way battle for the starting quarterback position once Chad Kelly is fully recovered from his injuries. His measurables are just off the charts.

His cannon of an arm tops Paxton Lynch’s arm strength. His read and reaction anticipating throws tops Trevor Siemian. What he lacks, at times, is decision making ability as he trusts his arm a little too much at times.

It could be a year or two before we see Kelly compete for anything in Denver. However, looking over Kelly’s college highlights and this Sport Science segment, John Elway may have scored the biggest coup of the 2017 NFL Draft with Mr. Irrelevant.