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Conversation Corner: What area of the team needs the most attention in the draft?

The Denver Broncos are your team. Give us your thoughts on what areas of need the team have that require the most attention in this draft.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We started “Conversation Corner” last week and it was honestly a refreshingly active community post. Let’s keep the train going and talk more Broncos football. I want to see your thoughts and opinions on a bit wider of an angle on your Denver Broncos.

Draft day is approaching quickly. Our team is in the middle of a rebuild (of some size or shape...we’ll save that discussion for later this offseason). We have some holes on the team. What is the most important thing for the Broncos to come away from the 2017 NFL Draft with?

Here are the ideas I have about this:

  • Targeting a specific need isn’t how the Broncos approach the draft. Needs are for free agency...the draft is for procuring talent.
  • The left tackle position has to have an answer. It is the team’s biggest need and I’m not confident the team has a decent answer already on it.
  • We need to get a couple skill guys at RB and TE. If we want the offense to get better, it is going to need some tools.
  • The team is built on defense. For the sake of the future of the Broncos, you need to get a pass rusher and a corner to start developing.

You know how this goes: I’ll post some comments down below to get us going. Try to reply to the threads you have thoughts on and if you have ideas outside of the 4 I provided, start a new thread and share.